Together We Are MiCoOp - Leading Education in Michigan

The Michigan CoOp, an initiative of EdTech Specialists,  is a network of school districts that are early adopters of successful, efficient, and effective learning models. Districts leverage each other’s strengths to create new opportunities for student learning and engagement. Cooperation and sharing of resources between districts allows each district to successfully offer their own unique program options for their students. Through collaboration, the MiCoOp can offer initiatives that districts could not accomplish on their own.

We believe:

  • whether students learn is what’s essential; not where, when or how they learn
  • students are unique and are entitled to their own individual learning plan
  • students need/want a menu of synchronous and asynchronous options that span brick-and-mortar, online, and community involvement
  • true cooperation (vs. competition) benefits districts, students, and teachers

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Our voice together is bigger than any of us individually.

MiCoOp Member

The MiCoOp forces me out of my comfort zone and to look at education from a different perspective.

MiCoOp Member

"Innovation is risk-taking. It's really important to network with similar risk-takers because they have similar struggles and successes."

MiCoOp Superintendent

I get inspired and encouraged each time we are together. Impossible is not a word from this group.

MiCoOp Superintendent

Podcasts & Webinars

January 24, 2019

Virtual Learning Academy (VLACs), New Hampshire

Conversation with Steve Kossakoski, CEO and Co-Founder of VLACs, and Lisa Kent, Program Manager for VLACs learning pathways. Completion-Based Funding Report referred to by Steve in webinar […]
January 17, 2019

New Hampshire Extended Learning Opportunities (ELOs)

Donna Couture, President of NH ELO Network Leadership Team, and Lisa Kent, Team Secretary, shared information about New Hampshire’s Extended Learning Opportunities. Additional ELO documents Don’t miss […]
January 5, 2019

Ken Kay Profile of a Graduate Webinar

For our December EdTech Specialists call/webinar, we were joined by Ken Kay, Chief Executive Officer of EdLeader21. In this webinar, Ken discusses EdLeader’s initiatives including the Profile […]
December 16, 2018

Passion for Putting Kids First Webinar

For our December EdTech Specialists call/webinar, we were joined by past Michigan CoOp superintendents, Jim Bermingham, Mike Murray, and Darryl Pierce. They each shared their experiences […]
November 14, 2018

Center Line Public Schools Career Academies Webinar

In our November PLC webinar/call, we invited guests Eve Kaltz, Superintendent, and Lisa Oleski, Assistant Superintendent, and staff from Center Line Public Schools to discuss the […]
October 10, 2018

Minnesota New Country School Webinar

During our monthly PLC call/webinar, we invited guest Aaron Grimm, along with students Alia Meyer and Grace Wartman, from the Minnesota New Country School (MNCS). We […]

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